Why is it necessary to wash your makeup brushes often?

Why is it necessary to wash your makeup brushes often?

Paint, outline and wash yur face with makeup brushes every day, but why is it necessary to wash your makeup brushes often?

You should know that, according to dermatologists and experts, you should wash the makeup brushes weekly, at least, to avoid the buildup of bacteria, which could ultimately lead to unwanted breakouts.

Why is it necessary to wash your makeup brushes often?

An important part of your beauty routine is cleaning your makeup brushes regularly. Although it is easy to leave this task on the road, there are many reasons why you should wash them often.

We recommend cleaning the makeup brushes at least once a month, although if you use them with liquid products or store them in the bathroom, you should clean them more frequently. These are the six main reasons why you should wash the makeup brushes regularly:

1. Prevents acne

Why is it necessary to wash your makeup brushes often?

Every time you use the makeup brushes, you are picking up everything on the face, that is, oil, dead skin cells, dust and anything else that adheres.

In fact, it is a disaster recipe for acne. Therefore, every time you use a dirty makeup brush, you are applying this unpleasant combination on the entire face, clogging the pores as a result.

2. Avoid germs

You should know that dirty makeup brushes are also a breeding ground for bacteria. It is not only terrible for the face, it is also counterproductive for your makeup products.

Transferring these bacteria to your products contaminates them, will affect and reduce the durability of the product.

3. Improve the color application

Dirty makeup brushes are also ineffective in applying color accurately. With the old makeup attached, you can not get the look you want.

Therefore, it is one more example of the importance of washing makeup brushes on a regular basis.

4. Keeps the brushes soft

If the makeup brushes are not in good condition  they become more abrasive and dry as they are caked with the product and the remains of the face. In turn, this irritates the skin. Cleaning the brushes regularly keeps them soft enough so as not to damage the face.

The accumulation in the makeup brushes can cause the fibers to break and the bristles to weaken, which makes the correct application of makeup even more difficult.

5. More durable brushes

When you clean your makeup brushes regularly, you are preserving and lengthening their expiration.

Keep in mind that the more frequently you clean them, the longer the investment will last.

6. Avoid irritation

What should you use to clean your makeup brushes?

The eventual damage caused to makeup brushes can begin to harden the bristles and change their shape.

Without the original soft texture, the continued use of these tools can cause redness and irritation in the skin, whose solution will be the application of more makeup.

What should you use to clean your makeup brushes?

The best method to clean the tools requires only soap and water for dishes or baby shampoo, since regular soap formulas can dry the bristles of the brush, especially if they are made of natural hair.

To carry out the cleaning of your makeup brushes, you need the following:

  • Baby dish soap or shampoo
  • Clean towel
  • Glass
  • Silicone pad

How do you clean your makeup brushes?

Follow these steps to clean the makeup brushes correctly:

  • Wet the bristles with warm water.
  • Place a drop of makeup brush or soap on the palm of your hand.
  • Gently massage the ends of the bristles in the palm and rinse.
  • Squeeze excess moisture with a clean towel.
  • Change the shape of the brush head.
  • Let the brush dry with the bristles hanging from the edge of a counter, to dry in the right way.

Note: Never let the brushes dry on a towel, as the bristles may get stained.

If you do this before going to bed, in the morning your brushes will be clean and dry and nothing will suit you as well as the first application with soft makeup brushes.

  • In the middle of the wash, keep the base of the brush head away from soap and water. The bristles are glued to the base. Water and detergent can cause the glue to disintegrate and, as a result, the bristles become loose and detach.
  • Neither should you dry them vertically: this will cause water to seep into the splint, which will also loosen the glue and cause the loss of bristles.

In short, the cleaning of makeup brushes is important to have a perfect look. Now that you know its benefits, we encourage you to do it more regularly.

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