The position of the Indra: to stimulate point G

Many times we have heard about the importance of stimulating the female G-spot to have the best orgasms . The position of the Indra is, precisely, one of the best for this function. Because of the place that each member of the couple occupies, it is impossible for point G not to explode. When this happens, the woman experiences a much greater and longer lasting pleasure than any other orgasm she has ever experienced.

Always remember to stimulate the clitoris before moving on to play with point G. This will make it easier to find and continue with the second stage.

Technique to practice the position of the Indra

Both lovers are placed just like when practicing leg strength in the gym . The woman lies down looking at the ceiling, raises her legs and bends her knees. In front, your partner kneels and allows the lady’s feet to rest on her chest. When penetrating it, it leans gently forward and the genitals are stuck deep.

Benefits of Indra’s Position

It is a guarantee of point G stimulation. The penetration is deep and reaches more distant areas inside the vagina. Thus, it directly affects the mobilization of all the muscles found in that area. With this position it is not necessary to resort to sex toys to reach certain areas. Prior to orgasm, the woman has a sensation similar to the urge to urinate. But calm, do not stop right then and there.

It is a new way of innovating in sex with the couple. Although, we have already talked about it, something that you should never forget is to use creativity in bed. The routine must be kept away when talking about a couple.

Increase male self-esteem The man has absolute control and can see directly the pleasure he generates for his wife. Feeling irresistible gives them greater confidence for future positions. He will be very happy and calm to see his wife die of pleasure. After this, maybe, start looking for new variants to bring your beloved.

The woman with her free hands can play with her own breasts , something that causes great excitement in the male. In addition, you can caress your man’s genitals while intercourse occurs. Everything that is within your reach must be encouraged. And maybe discover sensations that never had.

Disadvantages of Indra’s position

It can be very painful for women because of the depth it achieves . The penis could reach the vaginal wall. For this reason, man must measure intensity and strength.

Due to the pressure that is exerted, some gases can be triggered, but it does not obscure the sensation of pleasure that is reached. There is no need to worry if this happens, it is merely organic and natural. It will only be an anecdote that will soon be forgotten.

A woman may have cramps in her legs if she is not physically prepared. At the first symptoms you should propose to change your position. Later they can resume if they still want it.

Recommendations to practice the position of the Indra

First of all, they have to be convinced that it is a good alternative to have the best orgasms. The mind handles a large percentage of the rest of the body and everything it causes.

Make variants in the middle of intercourse . The woman can extend one of her legs over her lover’s shoulder. In this way, the pressure on your body will decrease and there will be more muscle relaxation.

Allow yourself to freely enjoy facial expressions . Forget about the shame that tends to be caused by being observed.

Feel confident enough to guide the partner . Ask him to modify his rhythm or strength in the penetrations.

Surely, after living the limits of passion, relaxation will be absolute. It is a good idea to spend a few minutes holding each other. Feel how the breath returns to its natural state and relax together.

Who should NOT practice the position of Indra?

This position known as one of the best to stimulate the G-spot is not recommended for pregnant women . The movements tend to become abrupt and the pressure on your abdomen could cause some inconvenience.

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