The beneficial effects of having friends

The beneficial effects of having friends

The human being is social by nature, since he is surrounded by other individuals and is related to them throughout his life. In your life each person has an affective bond as family members, co-workers, partners and friends. Thus, relating to others will allow you to develop confidence. Today we will talk about the beneficial effects of having friends.

In the relationship with others, friendship is part of the process of socialization of the individual. Friendship is an affective relationship, marked by preference, reciprocity and positive shared affection.

Effects of having friends

The bonds of friendship are built with the passage of time. When we are children, friends are playmates; in adolescence, friendship is complicity and mutual help to achieve goals. In adulthood friends are made for compatibility of interests and life projects.

Each friendship is different and forms part of the interpersonal relationships of human beings. The conversations will be different according to the social group that surrounds you, because the interests are variable. There are no types of friends: they are all part of your environment and everyone will contribute things to your life.

There are times when you want to be alone, but always having a good company will help you to face the problems of life. A word of encouragement, congratulation or gratitude will always serve to calm thoughts.

Friends give you wonderful moments that will mark your life. Sadness, joys, meetings, trips or any circumstance that comes your way will be surrounded by your friends. There are friendships that last over time and others that will only be at specific times in your life: each of them must be appreciated.

Life with friends is cheerful and fun, and friendships will help emotional well-being. What are you waiting for to make friends? Share with other people and you will see the beneficial effects of having friends.

“Friendship could only take place through the development of mutual respect and in a spirit of sincerity”

-Dalai Lama-

It will increase the security and self-esteem

It will increase the security and self-esteem

Having friends is part of the socialization process; By interacting with them, your confidence and security will increase. With friends you can express what you think and be as you are, without hiding your personality.

Friendship will increase your self-esteem because you will feel loved and valued. Your friends will express with sincerity what they like or not about you, do not feel attacked and accept the comments. The opinion of a friend is very valuable.

Trust will be the key to friendship

The support of a friend will always be of great help in difficult times of life. The bonds of friendship will be strengthened by supporting each other and will generate confidence over time.

If you break down and abuse trust, friendship may be at risk. The basis of friendship is trust: do not break the affective bond with negative actions. Do not share private information with others, for something that friend trusted you to express their problems!

You will express your feelings

One of the beneficial effects of having friends is to express what you feel. Your friend will be that person who listens to you and advises if you need it. A word of encouragement will help control emotions.

Suppressing emotions can generate depressive states and anxiety. That’s why it’s convenient to turn to your friends and let go of emotions like sadness and worry. Maybe there are some emotions that will be more comfortable to express with your friends than with an acquaintance or even family.

Similarly, take into account that, although you want to vent, you should not burden your friends with your problems. Everyone has to deal with theirs. Respect the moment and do not concentrate on the negative.

You will learn to respect the other with its virtues and defects

You will learn to respect the other with its virtues and defects

In a friendship relationship there are differences of personalities and thoughts. Everyone has their character, they practice a religion, they have political ideas and they can be compatible or not. Respect the differences of your friends, do not judge and accept it with its defects and virtues.

Respect will strengthen the trust between the two. If you do not respect your friends, you will not practice respect with others either. In the diversity of tastes and thoughts is the essence of having friends.

Smile and thank for the friendships that surround you. The beneficial effects of having friends will make your life happier. You are not alone: friends are the brothers you choose during the journey. Share and enjoy unforgettable moments with that family you chose.

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