Sensitive sex: What is it? How is it practiced?

Thanks to sensitive sex we can know more about our partner and ourselves. Unlike fast sex, silences, strong emotions and all the eroticism you can imagine prevail.

First of all, it would be good for us to explain this somewhat modern term a bit, but that takes precepts of tantric sex, for example. The so-called sensitive sex is designed to enjoy more fully the encounter with the couple .

Fashions change and also include sexual practices. Therefore, if until recently the tendency was to enjoy a quick encounter in places that are forbidden or loaded with adrenaline … Sensitive sex is the last thing!Learn more about this in this article.

What is sensitive sex?

It has several additional objectives such as, for example, to reunite spiritually and sexually with whom we share a room, as well as guaranteeing passion and pleasure in bed. Apparently, it is the sexual fashion for the coming times , in contrast to what had been practiced lately: the ‘ quickly ‘ or famous ‘rapidín’.

For some couples it was fun to increase the adrenaline, especially when practiced in unusual places. The truth is that it also causes boredom, distancing and even fights.

Therefore, sensitive sex seeks to solve the negative consequences of relationships of less than 15 minutes . The idea is to be able to look each other in the eyes, to caress each other, to know each other more (even for couples who have been married for many years). That is, meet again with the other and plan the meeting. It’s not always good to improvise!

Thanks to this practice, both men and women enjoy the foreplay, ejaculation is delayed by prolonging the erection and the level of excitement is kept quite high throughout the sexual encounter.

Undoubtedly, sensitive sex is more than erotic and allows us to experience new sensations . When the desire has been forgotten and it is difficult to reach orgasm, this practice can serve as that air that is needed to fan a bonfire.

How to practice sensitive sex?

The two keys to sensitive sex are: knowing and learning . This means that during the practice you will be paying attention to what the other wants and at the same time to what you like to you. Focus on sensations, put aside prejudice, shame or shame.

If it makes you laugh, do not inhibit it. They can use some kind of different intimate clothing (or a costume) to bring something more to the session.According to those who practice sensitive sex, they can be up to three days enjoying it! Of course, rest, hydration and food are necessary , but nothing else will matter.

One of the main ‘problems’ experienced by those who practice this type of sex is the impulse to return to old techniques . This means that, for example, they will want to reduce the exploration games to pass to coitus.Or once the penetration occurs, want to get an orgasm.

However, for once they must try to put aside the known and immerse themselves in something completely different, but at the same time exciting, erotic and pleasant. Otherwise … Prejudices will not allow you to enjoy!

It is necessary that both agree at all times and, from time to time, verify that the two are having a great time. Pay attention to the steps to practice sensitive sex:

1. Stand face to face

They will be first with clothes, but little by little they will be stripped of each garment. A good idea is that you uncover your partner and he or she does the same with you. Once they are naked, start by touching one and then the other , one by one.

It is not about caressing, but touching to get to know each other better. Pay attention to the sensations that one experiences and the other.

2. Talk about what they like most about each other

The thought has to be at all times in ‘the here and now’ . Even, the relationships of many years have something new to discover and learn from the other. Tell your partner what you like best about his body and personality.

3. Wait to ‘go’ to the genital areas

The objective with sensitive sex is to touch in areas where they do not explore normally , for example, arms, hands, hips, back … For the moment, wait a bit to continue with the caresses on the genitals or breasts . Kisses are not allowed, let alone penetration.

4. Be flattered ‘flattery’

Little by little, begin to say more sensual things in relation to what parts of the body or attitudes they like the other . They can take advantage to tell some fantasies, in which way they would prefer to make love next time, if they want to dress up, go somewhere else, do something ‘forbidden’, etc.

5. Enjoy worry-free sex

At this point, sex is allowed with all the letters. However, it will be different than what you have experienced so far. They will have learned a lot from their partners and from themselves . They will enjoy privacy like never before! Well worth this kind of previous games.

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