How to reduce the pains when we have a cramp

Caused by excessive exercise, pregnancy or lack of potassium, these “pulls” mainly in the legs are painful and do not allow us to walk properly. Therefore in this article we will give you some tips to reduce the pain of a cramp.

Tips to reduce the pain produced by a cramp

Acute pain in the legs or calves known as “cramp” or “lace” can last between a couple of seconds to several minutes . To reduce it you can carry out these techniques:

1. Flexing the toes


As soon as you feel the “tug” stretch your leg , for example, on the bed, on the sofa or on a chair. Bend your fingers back (as if they were pointing to the knees ). Bring the torso forward and hold the toes with one hand to help in bending. Hold this position for at least 1 minute. Rest and repeat twice more.

2. Walk on the heels

Take off your shoes (leave your socks if you prefer) and lift your feet so that only your heels are resting. You can hold a piece of furniture so you do not fall down until you master the technique. Take some short steps

The pressure in the heel and the position of the muscles are perfect to say goodbye to that painful cramp. In addition, this technique improves blood circulation of the lower extremities.

3. Massage

It does not matter which part of the body is cramped. Massages can be very helpful in reducing pain and the inability to continue our activities . They in turn stimulate the blood flow in the affected area and calm the discomfort.

Try to gradually stretch the muscles so that they relax. You can do the massages with your hands or help with an element, such as a tennis ball or a roller.

4. Stretch the calves

If the cramping occurred in that area you can calm the pain in a very simple way. Stand in front of a wall . Place the cramped leg behind the other at a distance of approximately 30 cm. Flex the front knee so that the back leg is stretched. You can rest your hands on the wall so you do not lose your balance.

Another option to stretch the calves is as follows: in the same initial position as the previous exercise supports the upper part of the sole of the foot on the wall (including the fingers). The heel is touching the ground. The hands should be supported on the wall. It exerts pressure from the arms flexing the elbows. So the calf will stretch.

5. Walking on tiptoe

This exercise allows to reduce the pain produced by a cramp because it stretches the calves and improves blood circulation in the area. It is as easy as “walking on tiptoe” throughout the room.

A second alternative to generate the same effect is to stand with the feet spread to a width of hips and raise the heels . You can hold yourself with the table, a chair, the wall, etc. Let a few seconds pass and heels down. Start again. Repeat until the pain disappears.

6. Apply heat

If you have one of those thermal pads you can use them when a cramp appears . Do not apply it more than 15 minutes. You can also use a heated compress in the oven or a wet towel with very hot water.

Taking a warm shower (as hot as you can stand) is an excellent technique also to reduce cramps. Try to make the water fall well in the affected area. Wet for about 5 minutes.

7. Adopt a comfortable posture

If the cramp is produced by sitting in front of the computer in the same position for hours try to move a little and the affected area is not flexed. Stand up, stretch your leg , lie on a sofa (or pull back the chair), etc.

8. Raise your legs

This trick is for cramps when they occur during the night (when we are sleeping). Place a cushion or some clothing under the calves so that they are higher than the rest of the body. Try to sleep like this every day.

If you are prone to nighttime cramps, we recommend that before going to bed you do the following exercise: lie down with your head on the foot of the bed. Lift your legs and rest your heels on the wall behind the headboard. Keep a few minutes (as much as you can handle) for the blood to recirculate.


How to avoid the appearance of a cramp

Beyond the exercises or techniques to reduce the pain caused by a cramp you should pay attention to the following tips that prevent its appearance:

Stay hydrated

Drink at least 2 liters of water throughout the day. In summer or if you exercise increases to 3 liters per day.

Wear appropriate clothes

The footwear must be padded , have supports for the arch of the plant and allow the foot to move comfortably. Socks should not press the calves too hard . Nor are pants too tight.

Change position

During work hours, get up from the desk, walk around the office a bit, use the stairs instead of the elevator, etc. In addition, take advantage of the “dead” times to exercise the calves through push-ups or circular movements.

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