Antidepressants and their contraindications

Like all medication created to correct a deficiency of our organism, antidepressants are psychotropic drugs designed for the treatment of severe or severe depression .

Depending on their causes, these chemicals seek to control or balance the production of chemical substances required by our body for normal operation.

Currently antidepressants have found acceptance and application in different disorders that have a direct relationship and incidences in psychological aspects that do not allow the normal development of the individual.

Types of antidepressants

These psychotropic drugs are very varied according to their composition and use. The complexity of the human mind requires specialized compounds that allow the solution of a problem without generating other more serious.

However, it is sometimes difficult to achieve this balance.

  • Regarding antidepressants, we can find everything from the simplest, with minimal incidences, to the most relevant treatments and care in their use.
  • The prescriptions of the latter must be followed diligently by the specialist. An example of them are the tricyclics .

Before these chemical compounds of pharmaceutical production there is a natural option .

  • Precisely because of its characteristics, it offers low impact treatments and few or no side effects depending on the case.
  • Nature puts at our disposal a series of highly beneficial alternativesfor our well-being.
The use of antidepressants of the psychotropic type has multiplied in recent years.

According to statistical studies followed by the World Health Organization (WHO), it is not known for sure if this happens due to an increase in the number of people diagnosed, or if, on the contrary, its use has been dedicated to the treatment of other pathologies.

In the worst case it is suspected that it could be due to a fad.

The biggest drawback that this generates is that an indiscriminate use of these chemical products generates new problems that have an impact not only on the treated individual, but on their entire environment and, therefore, on the globalized society.

Are antidepressants really effective?

The effectiveness of antidepressants is relative and subjective. Its assessment will depend on the effects produced in each patient.

Thus, they are not a guaranteed way to happiness , but a scientific way of reducing situations that the organism alone can not regulate. However, absolute results are not always obtained, since each case represents a different reality.

Now, if we analyze the fact that the use of psychotropic drugs in the world is increasing every day and that their absolute effectiveness is in question, we must worry about something that is objectively measurable, as are the contraindications and consequences of the use of these medications.

What do I get when I take antidepressant drugs?

Each specialist must be very careful when prescribing the use of an antidepressant.

It must be a last resort and fully substantiated, because the side effects can often generate major complications due to improper use.

So, we have:

  • Frustration. The effects of these psychotropic drugs are long-term, and often the slowness of the process generates anxiety and frustration in the patient .
  • Tolerance to medication. The organism can become immune to it and not have the expected effect, making it necessary to increase the dose and duration of treatment.
  • Dependence on medication In many cases the medicine only acts as a placebo before which the body reacts and without it does not work, creating dependency or addiction.
  • Some specialists, such as Irving Kirsch , a prestigious researcher at the University of Hull (United Kingdom), have indicated that the use of antidepressants can alter brain chemistry.
  • Other physical complications associated with the use of these psychotropic drugs include sexual dysfunction, nausea, uncontrolled weight, constipation, uncontrolled tension and dizziness.

If you are analyzing the use of a drug of this nature, it is best to look for other natural and less aggressive alternatives.

If in spite of this its use is necessary, remember that you must do it in the hands of a specialist.

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