5 non-hormonal contraceptive methods

There are different contraceptive methods that each woman or couple can choose to take care of themselves. If the decision is not to get pregnant, you have to choose which is the most appropriate way of protection .That way they can enjoy sex with total freedom and awareness. To those already known, non-hormonal contraceptives are added for the analysis.

Generally, contraceptive pills are among the most commonly used. But it is about incorporating hormones that regulate menstrual cycles. They inhibit ovulation and alter the organism. After a while, some try to take care of less invasive products. Even, many often have allergies that do not allow this type of medication. Therefore, the best alternatives are non-hormonal methods.

As the concept itself says, these elements for preventing pregnancy do not use hormones. Because of this fact, they do not alter the period either. The basic function is to act as a barrier between the ovule and the sperm so that fertilization does not occur. Are there any risks? Yes, but they are minimal if they are used well.

5 non-hormonal contraceptives to prevent pregnancies

1- Male condom

Also known as a condom, it tops the ranking of non-hormonal contraceptives. It is very effective and also works to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. It is a case made with latex that is placed on the penis before sex. This thin layer prevents fertilization. You can also find them from other materials for people who are allergic to latex. The risk is that the condom breaks with use.

It is one of the most economical and easy to find non-hormonal contraceptive methods. It is very practical to move and have, if an occasional encounter arises. In some countries, public hospitals deliver them free of charge in prevention campaigns.

2- Female condom

It is a condom similar to that used by men, of the same preparation and with the same purpose. Another method that works as a barrier between the sperm and the egg. Although it has great effectiveness, placement is very difficult. It is advisable to use only once and throw it away so as not to take risks. The female condom prevents other diseases such as HPV. It can be purchased at pharmacies and some brands offer lubricants as a complement.

3- Sponge

It is in the range of non-hormonal contraceptives used by women. Those who choose it, should know that its effectiveness is lower than the best known condoms. And it decreases even more in women who have already gone through a birth. The sponge absorbs the semen and forms a block that stops the sperm. Its only function is to hinder fertilization. Any transmission of diseases can occur with its use. After the sexual encounter it must remain in its place at least 6 hours before being extracted.

4- Copper IUD

Unlike other non-hormonal contraceptives, the copper IUD should be placed by a professional. The other great advantage is that its usefulness ranges between 5 and 10 years. Once placed, you have to make sporadic checks to check its status. But it does not need to be vigilant every time you have sex. It can be said that women are always ready and prepared to avoid pregnancies.

The copper IUD is placed in the cervix. It is made of copper and plastic and its effectiveness reaches 99%. The great disadvantage is that it does not influence STDs.

5- Vaginal diaphragm

This method is placed just before intercourse begins and is taken out a few hours later. The woman can fit it alone inside the vagina. The detail is to check that it surrounds and covers the entire cervix. This product eliminates any entry of bacteria or sperm, but nothing can do with diseases. So it is suggested to use it only in stable and healthy couples.

In most non-hormonal contraceptive methods can be acquired and have them for that special time. It is not necessary to take a pill every day with the fear of forgetting and not being covered. It’s just about always carrying one in your wallet and if the meeting emerges everything is within reach.

The great advantage of condoms, whether male or female, is that in addition to blocking fertilization, they also protect against sexually transmitted diseases. In the same way, everyone chooses the one they like the most. The important thing is to take care of yourself.

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